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Do You Know the Advantages of LED R7S Lamp?

Jan. 11, 2018

LED R7S is mainly to replace the traditional double-ended halogen tube. Mainly used in advertising lighting, landscape lighting, hotel exterior lighting, factory floor lighting, parking lighting, clothing store lighting and other occasions, the application is very extensive.

What is the advantage of LED R7S compared with halogen double end tube?

LED R7S, not only can do warm light, you can also do white, red, green and other IPL, which is halogen double-ended tube can not do, so the use of LED R7S can be more wide.

China LED R7S Lamp Supplier

Advantages of LED R7S Lamp:

① All power LED R7S are three-sided cooling housing, LED single-sided cooling than the ideal effect of R7S.

② Power supply are used isolated constant voltage + constant current power supply, and for wide voltage, 85V-265V voltage range can be used.

③ Cooling shell car aluminum materials are used, better heat dissipation, lighter weight, less transportation costs.

SJZ is China LED R7S Lamp Supplier, offering 10w LED R7S Lamp,5w LED R7S Lamp.

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