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How Many LED Lamps Do You Know?

Jan. 06, 2018

LED lamps are as follows:

1. LED spotlights. LED spotlights are spotlights that use LEDs as their light source.

2. LED downlight. LED downlight is directional lighting, and only its opposites can receive light, beam angle is the condenser, light concentration, strong contrast between light and dark.

3. LED ceiling light. LED Ceiling Light with high thermal conductivity of aluminum and related structural design and production of new technology Ceiling. LED ceiling light will use low-light LED as a light source to ensure its long life, energy saving, high efficiency, environmental protection and other characteristics.

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4. LED fluorescent lamp. LED fluorescent lamp with ultra-high brightness white LED as a light source, the shell is acrylic / aluminum alloy.

5. LED fiber light. Fiber optic lighting system from the light source, mirrors, filters and optical fiber.

6. LED table lamp. Light source using high-power LED, low energy consumption, high efficiency, no UV, no infrared and thermal radiation.

7. LED ceiling lamp. LED ceiling lamp installed inside the room. With high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, long life, easy to control, safety and environmental protection.

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