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How Many LED Lights Functions Do You Know?

Jan. 08, 2018

Indicators, lights, LED display:

1) LED lights for instructions on various equipment, instruments and meters;

2) For traffic lights, ship lights, beacon lights, etc .;

3) For indoor and outdoor LED display, advertising signs, badges and so on.

2, Special lighting

For fishing lights, insecticidal lights, plant growth regulating lights; medical LED lights; projection, photography with LED lights.

LED R7S Lamp

3, Car lighting

Car interior lighting and auxiliary lighting, driving lights, brake lights, reversing lights, car instruments, car headlights

4, General lighting

1) Outdoor lighting: like outdoor landscape lighting, outdoor LED lights, tunnel lights, etc., the use of lamps and lanterns, including LED lights, LED flood lights.

2) Indoor lighting: indoor lighting, including LED ceiling lamps, LED panel lights, LED bulb, LED spotlights, LED R7S lamps and so on.

5, Specialized lighting: Riot with lights, LED high bay light, aerospace, military, emergency lighting.

6, Other applications : Like flashlights, tool lights, Christmas lights, toys, clothing, shoes, decoration and so on.

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