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16 LED Grow Light
16 LED Grow Light 16 LED Grow Light 16 LED Grow Light 16 LED Grow Light
16 LED Grow Light 16 LED Grow Light 16 LED Grow Light 16 LED Grow Light

16 LED Grow Light

Procduct Details


Size948*283*85mmActual Power541W~580W
Input VoltageAC100~240VOutput Current700mA
Output VoltageDC32~45VLED Quantity240pcs
Lifespan50,000 HoursLED Type3W
Working Environment-20~40℃,45%~95%RHColorRed(630nm)/Blue(460nm)
Working Frequency50~60HzLumens9600lm
PAR700umol/1m 420/1.5mLUX20000lux/1m 11750/1.5m
N.W.11.15kgLighting Area11.7m²/1m 21.7m²/1.5m
Outer Carton Size1120*380*175mm/pcsG.W.(Outer carton)16.5kg
Standard configurationLED Light x1,Power line x1,Chaining x2
RemarksThe above parameter is based on Red:Blue=8:1, for reference only


1. Replace 3~5 times of the HPSL power, 80% electric energy saving than the tradition HPSL and MHL.

2. Intelligent monitor system, ensure the whole equipment in a good working state.

3. High lighting effect, 90% of the light will be absorbed by the aquatic plant, but to the traditional HPSL and MHL, the lighting effect is just 8%~10%.

4. Built with optical lenses, the penetration is more outstanding.,can be as much as 10-15 times powerful, available four options of lenses(90 degree,120 degree).


Ideal for all phases of plant growth, and works well with water solution culture and soil culture. Can be used in house garden, pot culture, garden, sowing, breeding, farm, flower exhibition, bonsai, garden, green house, sowing, breeding, farm, greenhouse cultivation, water soluble breeding, greenhouse cultivation, pipeline cultivation and so on.

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